Historic Fraser Tubing Hill

An Outdoor Adventure for the Whole Family

Answers to Most of Your Questions Before You Arrive.

Historic Fraser Tubing Hill provides the chance for the whole family to re-live childhood memories.  There is no special equipment or skill needed. You don’t even have to walk back up the hill, we give you a ride on the lift.   
What Age Can A Child Tube?
3-6 years old with an Adult.  7-17 after the liability waiver is signed by someone 18 or older.  For safety reasons all tubers
must be able to get out of their tube on there own and exit the tubing lane in a timely manner.                                                                                                                                                                                                    
Where Do I Go?
455 County Rd 72, Fraser, CO  80442.  If you are driving here, turn off on County Road 72 at the Fraser Stop Light.  You will go underneath the bridge and the road will fork.  Go straight do not turn right and go straight up the hill to The Historic Fraser Tubing Hill.  Follow the road until you come to the parking lot of the Historic Fraser Tubing Hill. Purchase your tickets and sign aliability release waiver at the concession stand inside the lodge. Click here for a map.  

When Should I arrive?
Guests should check in 15 Minutes prior to their start time, to fill out liability release waiver and purchase tickets. 

Can More Than One Person Ride A Tube?
Yes, as long as they are under the age of 7.   Anyone 7 or older are required to ride alone.  When speed conditions permit, multiple tubes can be hooked together, but each person will have their own tube.

Can We Share a Tube?

Yes.  Only one person is allowed on a tube at a time; unless they are 6 and younger.

Can I watch My Kids without a Ticket?
Yes, there is a seating at picnic tables, in the lodge, and on the lodge deck.  

How Safe is Tubing?
It is just as safe as riding a bike. For safety purposes we ask you to only start tubing after the tubing area is clear.  Exit the tubing lane in a timely manner so the tuber behind you does not collide with you. Attendants are there to help you.

Do I Have To Sign Anything?
We do require that everyone sign a liability release waiver. A parent/guardian is required to sign for anyone under 18. A copy of the waiver is available to download Here.

Can I Bring My Own Tube or Sled?
We do not allow personal tubes or sleds to be used on the runs. The tube rental is included in the cost of your ticket.

How Do I Get Up The Hill?
You effortlessly ride up the hill on the convenient lift.  Relax, take a deep breath of the mountain air, and take in all the scenery. 

Do I Need to Wear Special Clothing?
Dress according to the weather and as if you were going sledding or skiing (without the hard plastic boots). We suggest dressing in layers and a water proof outer layer is recommended. Sorry, ski boots are not allowed on the tubing hill.

Is There a Place to Warm Up?
Yes, the Main Building has a fireplace (where you check in) is open during Tubing hours. Bathrooms, a fireplace, and snack bar are available.

How Close is the Parking Lot?
The parking lot is free and only 50 yards to the Historic Fraser Tubing Hill.

Are Helmets provided?

Helmets are recommended but are not provided.